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Independent Acoustic Wall System

    This recent project was at a domestic property in North London. The team were fitting a independent Acoustic wall system for a customer who had reported issues with loud music from next door.

    We Covered all areas with appropriate sheeting. With this we then stepped off the wall existing 30mm for our new framework to be built the benefit of this system being it creates a controlled cavity allowing sound to be absorbed instead of bouncing back.

    We then insulated in-between the frame with Rock Wool High Density acoustic quilt. The reason for using this is that it is extremely resistant to airflow and excellent at noise and sound absorption.

    We then add one layer of 19mm Sound Plank 19MM – High Density Plasterboard, followed by an additional 15mm Sound block plasterboard which is a lot heavier than a standard plasterboard sheet but it greatly reduces any noise impact in adjacent rooms or properties.

    This was then finished with plaster and ready for decoration. To ensure customer satisfaction a Sound test was conducted and showed a reduction of 80% sound transference.

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