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Sound Masking Solutions For The Office Space

What is Sound Masking?

Sound Masking systems can be used in a variety of spaces where errant noise threatens to jeopardise productivity, concentration and confidentiality.

Public buildings, from the smallest of libraries to the largest of offices are prone to a myriad of intrusive noises. Noises that collectively contribute to a number of distractions which can negatively affect concentration and reduce productivity. The typically low ambient noise level of such places greatly contributes to these issues.

Sound Masking is a method which promises to address such issues in a safe and non-intrusive manner. To achieve this, sound masking systems emit an inconspicuous, low level sound in the background with the use of an intricate and dedicated loudspeaker system. By tailoring the frequency response to that of the human voice and other potentially intrusive noises, the ambient sound level is normalized, and otherwise distracting noises are effectively neutralised.

The end result is a workspace where undesirable conversations and other noise-based distractions are less audible – Employees are less distracted which contributes to considerably improved productivity while simultaneously protecting sensitive information which might otherwise be overheard by the wrong people.

Who needs Sound Masking and why?

Over time, office spaces have changed. Independent offices with the privacy afforded by real doors and walls have made way for spaces full of cubicles with little to no separation from one working area to the next. Open Floor Plans are indeed the new normal and have introduced a whole new host of issues – Most notably, intrusive noises which affect concentration, lower productivity and jeopardise confidentiality.

The ambient background noise of your modern office is typically rather low. While this might seem ideal at first, this generally quiet environment combined with the lack of privacy provided by open-plan offices allows for a number of intrusive noises to interfere with day-to-day operations.

As there are no doors or walls to block dispersion, sound is easily transmitted throughout open-plan offices. Conversations are clearly perceived, which can disturb colleagues both nearby and further away while risking the privacy of sensitive and confidential information being discussed.

By raising the acoustic comfort level of open-plan spaces, Sound Masking effectively reduces the ‘Distraction Radius’ – significantly lessening distraction within a radius of 15 – 40 feet from the location of the dedicated loudspeaker system.

The resulting benefit is an office which is more acoustically comfortable and private with employees being less distracted and more productive. Overall, a workspace which is more efficient, more secure and more conducive to the smooth day-to-day operations needed in today’s busy climate.

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