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Soundproofing FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions On Soundproofing Your Property Or Commercial Premises

I live in a Terraced House and my neighbours are noisy, what can I do?

Depending on what issues you are having with noise e.g. footfall, voices or traffic, the most effective all-round solution would be to add an independent wall system to all walls shared with the connected house, this would significantly reduce the sound traveling from house to house. For more details on this system please click here: independent wall systems

The people in the flat above me are noisy, is there anything I can do to help?

The most common solution for this issue is to remove the current ceiling in the rooms having the issues with noise, remove the existing insulation and replace with a more dense upgraded insulation, then add 19mm sound plank to cover the entire ceiling space seal with acoustic sealing accompanied with a layer of 15mm acoustic sound board also sealed with acoustic sealant we will then skim and plaster the ceiling ready for decoration.

I live near a noisy roady, are there any products to help reduce road noise?

The weakest point of a wall in terms of sound coming through is the windows in order to best prevent noise traveling from the street and into your home upgrading your windows is highly recommended. We would typically install a double glazed unit consisting of 4mm acoustic glass then a 9.2mm air gap and a 6.8mm Stadup strip. This unit would sit just in front of the existing window unit to help significantly reduce the sound traveling into your home. We do also offer a slightly more streamline solution that is slightly cheaper but not as effective which is comprised of 6.8mm stadup and if there was still issues with noise in the property after the upgrade we would then proceed to use the necessary systems on the walls in order to ensure significant reduction.

How long will it take to install my soundproofing?

Typically our teams aim to cover about 15 metre squared a day however this can can vary slightly as each project is slightly different.

How much of an improvement can I expect?

We tend to achieve 70% reduction however this can vary from system to system for more details visit our systems page on our website.

Does the installation comply with building regulations?

All materials and installations are compliant with Part E of building regulations, The term “Part E” refers to the new Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. Part E came into effect on 1 July 2003 and details new acoustic performance requirements in England and Wales for residential dwellings, schools and other construction types. Along with new performance requirements, Part E also establishes a need for Pr-Completion Testing to enforce these standards and suggests a range of constructions for appropriate elements.

Are there any other benefits of having soundproofing installed?

Having soundproofing installed can also have the effect of improving a room’s thermal value, therefore saving energy in the cold winter months. For more information about these additional benefits, please read our article.

How long are your quotes valid for?

Our quotes are valid for up to 3 months, we feel this amount of time allows the client to fully evaluate their exact requirements without having to rush so we can provide the project exactly how they want without the compromise of losing their competitive price.

What do I need to do before my soundproofing installations?

We normally ask our clients to move any light items they can out of the rooms that work will be carried out in. Anything the client cannot move on their own our team will help prior to works commencing and anything that cannot be moved by our team will be covered in dust sheets.

Do your quotes include VAT?

Yes, when you receive your quote/invoice you will see the VAT added to the total amount at the bottom of the page.