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Black Hangar Studios

    Hush Soundproofing were recently given the opportunity to undertake a project for Black Hangar Studios Hampshire. The Hangar which is a massive 32,000 Sq ft is famously the home to the Grand Tour, Top Gear, Doctor Who and many Star Wars Productions.

    Black Hangar Studios contacted Hush as they had issues from the outside Airfield that caused disruption when filming and wanted a solution to soundproof around the inside perimeter of the Hangar.

    Hush were tasked with installing 20x25ft Acoustic Drapes around the perimeter of the hangar thus preventing reverberation within the hangar. The benefits of using these Drapes help improve the sound quality and reduce vibration levels.

    Also the acoustic drape material used to make these curtains is highly porous and incredibly thick to help dampen the noise and provide sound insulation.

    Acoustic Drapes

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