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School in North London

    The team were recently tasked with installing and supplying Class A Absorption Panels at a school in North London, the school had severe issues within the dining area/ sports hall in which there were ongoing issues with reverberation.

    After a consultation we had decided on the Class A Absorption Panels which were all bespoke to the customer the benefit being of using these Panels is that it would hugely reduce the echo and reverberation, the issue being with when sound hits a hard surface the noise is reflected back creating an amplified affect.

    The Absorption Panel is designed to absorb sound energy, upon impact it will stop the reverberation from travelling around the room while also creating a quieter and calmer working space with greater sound clarity.

    Upon first inspection of the site amplification of noise was at 75% upon completion of the job and another test taken we found that it was now at 15 % creating a calmer teaching and speaking atmosphere for the room.

    Absorption Panels

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