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Soundproofing Windows With Acoustic Glass

Acoustic Glass Installation

Regardless of where it comes from, noise is noise and it can be a particularly stressful experience when it interrupts your daily life. If you’re suffering from noise pollution have you considered our acoustic secondary glazing? If not, read here about how acoustic glass may be the right solution for you. 

Noise control glazing is one of our most popular products due the various ways in which it can aid your acoustic needs by reducing background noise. We can either increase the thickness of the pane of glass, use laminated glass or using an insulating glazing unit to create gaps between pane’s that thereby provides greater insulation. 

Whatever the choice, acoustic glazing can help to reflect noise back towards the source and absorbs sound within the glass so that it hardly reaches you, reducing unwanted noise such as traffic noise giving you peace and quiet and improving your quality of life.

What scenario might an acoustic glazing system be most useful?

  • Road Noise.
  • Shouting.
  • Loud music.
  • Dogs barking.
  • TV noise.
  • General Invasion of privacy.
  • Increasing thermal value.

If you think that acoustic glazing may benefit you, give us a call or fill in the contact form. One of the experts from the Hush Soundproofing team will come directly to your premises and discuss a soundproofing strategy that is tailored to fit your needs.

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