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RTS Consultancy

    Upon receiving information that RTS Consultancy required acoustic treatment for a bespoke media space, the team at Hush Soundproofing set to work providing solutions hastily. We learned that RTS wanted a curved green screen to be constructed in front of our acoustic independent wall system followed by acoustic reverberation panels being fitted to the ceiling and wall areas.

    We sent a team onsite to inspect the area and give feedback to the customer followed by a brainstorm to gather plans for the project. The work was allocated to a date convenient for the client, the team were able to advise how to construct the green screen as they had completed a similar project for the University of South Wales.

    Hush Soundproofing provided the independent wall system which left a 30mm cavity in the wall to allow the trapping of frequencies. This alone reduced sound transmission greatly. Alongside an independent wall system RTS also wanted the ceiling treated. As Hush Soundproofing liaised with an air conditioning company to provide a seamless project service. The mounting of the air conditioning units went as planned.

    After fitting the air conditioning units the team fitted acoustic reverberation panels to the ceiling also. This improved the internal sound quality to allow for audio recording to be carried out to a high standard. The teams then finished the wall and ceiling systems with complimenting white and grey matte trade paint. Leaving the client satisfied with a perfect finish for filming and video editing.

    The independent wall and ceiling system used is Part-E complaint – “resistant to the passage of sound” This system reduces sound by an average of 24DB, which is 50- 75% perceived reduction to the human ear and a 99.61% SPL reduction. RTS themselves were lovely and we would without a doubt do more work for them again in the future.

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