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Flame Dance Studio in Cardiff

    The Hush team have Recently completed work at Flame Dance Studios in Cardiff. The Customer had 2 separate Dance studios within a Warehouse. They got in contact to help with issues from Noise transference between the two separate areas. Due to the nature of the building being a warehouse the building contained a sub ceiling which caused issues with flanking.

    The team installed a heavy duty independent acoustic wall system, which due to the height and weight of the system, had to adapted to hold the weight of the high density acoustic materials by also building the wall up to this helped with flanking issues. The size of the wall was over 4.5 metre high and had a 15 metres wide span, this was achieved through stud splicing and creating a resilient connection up to 3 metres on an adjoining wall.

    The customer also required supply and installation of two bespoke doors with acoustic permitter and drop down seals ensure an air tight seal to prevent any potential flanking that could undermine the system.

    Independent Acoustic Wall System

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